18.11.2019 Update – The trial of the park bench 3 – Indictment –

18.11.2019 Update – The trial of the park bench 3 – Indictment –

After more than 4 months in which two of the accused have been held in custody, the senior public prosecutor’s office has now served the indictment. The three will be charged with the “preparation of a serious arson attack”. It is likely that the trial will start this year. This is because the pre-trial detention period, which in Germany has to be reviewed after 6 months, will be over on the 8th January. If the trail were to start this year already, this pre-trial detention hearing will not need to take place. An additional update: The district court has now granted the public prosecutor’s request to use the DNA of the third defendant (one of the three who is not in custody). This DNA sample may now be used in the proceedings. Stay alert for further announcements!

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