Leipzig: Arson Attack Against the Federal Administrative Court

Leipzig: Arson Attack Against the Federal Administrative Court

On December 1st, we lit a fire on the lower left side of the Federal Administrative Court in Leipzig. With this action we want to announce what we think about the upcoming trial on the 29th of January, 2020 against Linksunten Indymedia: Nothing!

In August 2017, shortly after the G20 in Hamburg, the laughable constructions of an association led to the shutdown of the website. We don’t care if there will be a democratic victory of press freedom after the days of negotiations or not. The repression will not tame our desire for our own independent reporting, no matter what form it may take.

Until patriarchy, capitalism, the protection of the constitution and the like are abolished, we still need media in order to exchange uncensored information and to relate with each other as critically and with as much solidarity as possible.

With their infamous disgusting thoroughness, the repressive apparatus also shut down the Kurdish Mesopotamia publishing house and the largest Kurdish music archive in Neuss in March, 2018. Solidarity with the Kurdish liberation struggle and the revolution in Rojava – Death to fascism!

We wish the defendants of the Linksunten Indymedia trial and the accused G20 fighters a lot of strength.

Freedom for Loic and the Park Bench 3.


source of translation: anarchistsworldwide.noblogs.org/
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