Bremen: BMW Off-Road Vehicle Torched by Wednesday for Future

Bremen: BMW Off-Road Vehicle Torched by Wednesday for Future

The end of an off-road vehicle

Early Wednesday morning (21.08.19), a much too large BMW Sports Edition SUV (Süper-Übergewichts-Vahrzeug / Super Overweight Vehicle) was set on fire near a park bench at the Osterdeich in Bremen. Why this vehicle?

A personal grudge against the car owner? No; we could have hit any SUV anywhere at any time. It was parked by itself, so that no other vehicle would be affected. In principle, it is important to remove as many of these unnecessary vehicles as possible from circulation (*).

In many cities, active members of the “End Off-Road Vehicles” movement join forces and in a variety of ways destroy cars that weigh three tons for no reason and greedily emit a gigantic amount of damaging CO2. An openly subversive attitude of many towards SUVs can have a positive effect on the purchasing decisions of the individual.

The “destruction consensus” is very simple: All means necessary to end this ecological nonsense are correct for us. People should become scared of parking these types of vehicles anywhere. The “action scene” is completely autonomous and therefore wonderfully inconsistent and unpredictable.

– Greta has not fixed the climate yet!
– We send greetings to Loic and the Park Bench 3 in Hamburg

Wednesday for Future

(*) The Scientific Action Committee ‘End Off-Road Vehicles, How and Why’ have satisfied themselves of the positive net balance of all forms of action considered, taking into account the energy required to produce a small car to replace the SUV and any climate-damaging emissions (e.g. from being set on fire).


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