03.10.2019 Update – about the case

03.10. Updates about the case

Hello, everybody. With these lines we want to bring you up to date and assure you that from now on we will provide you with fresh information on a more regular basis.

The two detainees from the park bench are still behind the walls of the prison at Holstenglacis. They, as well as the third person outside, are doing well according to the circumstances. They are strong and combative and are motivated to deal with their current situation, as much as is possible. A positive update; the two detainees are now on (different) more open wards. There they have more possibilities to move, they can cook and have more contact to other prisoners. Of course all three are still really happy to receive your solidarity post (if you are still waiting for answers from the prison, have a look in LIZ, there are still many letters uncollected).

As already announced earlier, the two detained vehicles have been authorised to take DNA. The third companion did not have to hand over her DNA for the time being, however, by order of the local court. The Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office has now lodged an appeal against this decision of the local court. A decision by the Regional Court is currently being awaited in this matter.


Much strength and courage for the accused companions!



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