update feb.

Update and news from the trial against the three from the park bench.

Since 8.1. the trial against three comrades has been taking place in the high-security room 237. A 500 person strong demonstration in solidarity took place the evening before the trail began.

The first day of the trial was very well attended. Friends and relatives did not miss the opportunity to loudly express their solidarity and their joy about the reunion – the chance to see faces much missed. The day was otherwise marked by long queues and a pedantic admission control including taking off shoes and all the usual security measure which one would expect in an airport.

The accused are still steadfast and draw strength from solidarity and sympathy.

By the way, there is a blog where the minutes of the trial are collected and summarised, not yet translated into english, but will be at some point, so keep an eye on this new blog: parkbankprozess.blackblogs.org

We will only be able to provide a comprehensive evaluation of the investigations of the cops and the public prosecutor’s office after the trial. But at this point, we have three more points:


At least one of the accused was monitored for about 8 months prior to arrest, including TCU and GPS orders. The whole thing ran under the popular keyword of „danger prevention“, meaning that it was approved by the police chief without judge’s reservation.

Both the reason for the surveillance and the majority of the surveillance protocols remain the secret of the prosecution and other authorities at present.


In addition, the court has decided that the second attorneys will not be assigned as additional public defenders. This means that we have to pay much higher costs, because the second lawyers have to be financed completely by themselves.

Therefore once again: We are also dependent on your financial solidarity!


Editors of „Der Spiegel“ have been harassing people and shops they associate with the three from the park bench in the last days. The journalists have rung the stairs and appeared in front of private apartments. We assume that they are the same ones who bother people in Berlin and Leipzig (de.indymedia.org/node/62164).

It is as well to be assumed that further press reports with knowledge from files will pop up. We are aware that this is a shitty situation for everyone. We ask you however further to refrain from speculations.

And one thing is clear: Don’t talk to the state security reporters; Anna and Arthur keep their mouths shut!

Freedom and happiness!

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