Start of detention for an anarchist companion in Hamburg

More than half a year after the sentences against two of the three anarchists who were convicted in the so-called Parkbank trial became final, the letter has now arrived for the first companion to go to prison on 27.1. He now has to serve his last 6 months. The second comrade is still waiting for his date of imprisonment and for the third comrade we expect the final verdict in March.

You can reach the now imprisoned comrade by mail with his book number and at the address:

Buchnummer: 108/23/2
JVA Billwerder
Dweerlandweg 100
22113 Hamburg

If you don’t want to write from home, feel free to contact your trusted infoshops or anarchist libraries in your cities. In Hamburg you can also use the LiZ as return address with your alias and pick up your mail during the opening hours of the anarchist library Sturmflut (Wednesdays 18-21:00, Saturdays 16-19:00).

Send thousands of letters! Show solidarity!

Fire and flames for all jails!

Freedom and Luck!

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