(HH) Fire for Telekom. Greetings into the prisons and into exile.

(HH) Fire for Telekom. Greetings into the prisons and into exile.

We think of you.

The ones who had to leave everything behind to escape the clutches of the state. We think of the fear you must have felt upon realising that something went wrong and their noses were on your heels. We think of the stomach aches and the racing pulse, when you had to leave your familiar surroundings and home behind you, with or without your bags packed, to involuntarily flee into an uncertain future. We think of the broken hearts that you and your loved ones, families and friends carry within you.

And also to you: those who have been caught. Those who can only look at the world from the view behind bars and the grey walled courtyard. Those whose lives consist of the clacking of keys by the disgusting screws and their bureaucratic coldness and where the contact with your loved ones is temporary and always under the eyes of the enemies of freedom.

You and your history are with us when we act.

When we look at the world and its visible and invisible constraints, it is difficult to not feel a sense of powerlessness. To shake the hopelessness of the existing conditions, let alone to change them, too often seems infinitely difficult. But whoever manages to evade their apparent superiority and takes a step towards attack will realise that man can only feel a feeling of freedom by destroying that which robs freedom.

And so last night we were free for a short moment when the lighter ignited the incendiary device and a Telekom vehicle in Wandsbek was left to burn. The reasons why we chose Deutsche Telekom as a target for the attack has already been explained very well by comrades in Berlin:

„New technologies and the digital access to our lives that comes with them enable new and more subtle techniques of governance. The thousands upon thousands of data produced daily should make it possible to calculate and control our actions. With Predictive Policing, the anticipatory bull, a tool has been created that sorts people according to stereotypes and thus creates the perpetrators of the future. Such technologies are embedded in the restructuring of cities into Smart Cities, which companies such as Deutsche Telekom are working on to implement with 5G infrastructure projects or smart traffic systems, lanterns, waste management and much more. Ongoing work. By no means is any of this actually supposed to enable a better life for all. Instead it creates the totalitarian idea of comprehensive control of the city and its population possible through practical solutions“.

We rush through the city with beads of sweat on our foreheads to try and escape the fate of those in clandestinity and prison.

There are too many cases of State violence that leave us stunned. Stories that make our blood boil in our veins and force us to act.

There is a young man who destroyed several E-Scooters in Hamburg 2 days ago by throwing them off bridges or stairs or setting them on fire. An E-Scooter is just an annoying, polluting thing that contributes to the smartification of this world. An object, nothing more. But a judge in Hamburg apparently saw things differently and put the destructive man in custody. With such a perverse ease, and just because he has the power to do so, he has another person imprisoned.

Another day in Berlin: The Berlin cops are called to an operation at Boxhagener Platz in Friedrichshain. They storm an apartment. A cop shoots. Maria is dead. A person has been killed! It’s an unbelievable tragedy. Something that must never happen. But the powers that be decide that Maria was confused, on drugs, or preferably both together and that justifies her death. Because the life or freedom of a cop always counts more when in doubt. These two stories are only a fraction of what State violence does every day. In order to secure their rule, others are naturally locked up and killed.

All the more attention should be paid to those stories that elude their violence and fight back. Whether on 25.01. in Connewitz, Leipzig or from time to time at the so-callled dorfplatz in Friedrichshain, Berlin. The stories in the Hambi also speak a language of freedom. Just like the weekly splintering and fiery nights in the German speaking countries. And as well the worldwide current revolts like in Chile, Iran or the days in France that flare up again and again give reason for hope.

We send revolting greetings to the FAZ and a lot of strength to the anarcho-feminist project L34 in Berlin.

Love and hope to those in prison and clandestinity.

Freedom for the three from the park bench.


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