Do not forget the prisoners

Solidarity with the park bench 3 – do not forget the prisoners!

The fight against the corona virus demands a lot from all of us at the moment, it causes insecurity and fear, and isolation. Especially now it is important that we take care of each other and act in solidarity. Some approaches to mutual support and networking have emerged in recent days and must be further developed and tested in the near future. We must be aware that even in the current situation, the marginalised in society face far greater problems and are much more vulnerable than most others.

The restrictions of public life also affect our companions, friends and comrades in prison and those prosecuted outside the prison walls directly and indirectly. Currently, visits in prison and the possibility to participate in court trials as spectators are restricted, all solidarity events are forbidden and direct communication is made much more difficult. Besides everything else, we are faced with the particular challenge that all solidarity counters, parties, concerts and other events cannot take place and therefore urgently needed funds cannot come in.

Therefore we call on everyone to continue to make money available outside of events and not to leave the prisoners and everyone else alone.

Use the solidarity account to support the Parkbank 3, set up a standing order or donate individual amounts, or put up a money box at your home for every beer that cannot be drunk in the pub… and continue to write to the prisoners to reduce isolation!

The Corona virus is currently bringing almost all public life to a standstill, but not our solidarity. Show this solidarity to the prisoners, too! Walks to the jails are still possible, show the prisoners that they are not left alone and forgotten!

Freedom and happiness for the three from the park bench and all the others!

For a society based on solidarity, without prisons!


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