Communications Tower set on Fire

Communications Tower set on Fire

Berlin, 2nd august 2019

The rulers have the power to separate us, to interrupt our communications, to isolate us and to block us. An army of cops, prosecutors and judges are always ready to rob us of our freedom. This happened recently in Hamburg, when three comrades were taken to the police station after a night time police surveillance operation and two of them have remained in custody since then.

But what is this freedom that we have? In a world where technological devices are with us all day. Facebook, Instagram and tons of other smartphone apps give us the illusion that continuous sending is a prerequisite for social participation. Where every emotion, message and action becomes a commodity to be exploited. Where algorithms and artificial intelligence determine our needs and clicks and likes define our personalities.

Haven’t we all become like prisoners, doomed to take our place in the technological web that stretches around us?

While it might be walls that separate us from the people in prison, it is the communications towers, fiber optic cables, chips and sensors that prevent us from really interacting with each other. Therefore we should do everything we can to destroy these technological prisons.

As a small contribution to this, we set fire to a communications tower in the Buschkrugallee in Neukölln on August 2nd using incendiary devices. With this action we were able to interrupt their communications and sabotage the flow of goods and data that keeps capitalist rule operating and makes their technological insanity possible.

Our burning hearts are with the Park Bench 3 and Loïc in Hamburg as well as the anarchists from Switzerland, who are sitting in prison or are on the run because of a torched communications tower. You are not alone!

Fire and flames to the prison society!

Freedom for all prisoners!

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