Appeal hearing against the anarchist companion in the so-called park bench trial

+++ Prison sentence suspended!+++

In the past weeks, the appeal trial against the companion in the so-called Parkbank trial took place at the Hamburg Regional Court, in which three companions were sentenced for conspiring to commit the crime of arson in 2021.

The current appeal trial took place on 2 days, but this time we decided to save ourselves the media hype and to accompany the process with friends and companions.

As was to be expected, General-Prosecutor Schakau showed his usual side and ranted in front of the chamber throughout the trial days.

The chamber did not follow the theories of the prosecution and the cops in that the prison sentence of 1 year and 8 months was now suspended for 4 years. In addition, the companion must complete 60 hours of community service within 6 months of the sentence becoming final.

Furthermore, it should be mentioned here again that one of the companions in the same proceedings (whose appeal was already rejected in 2022) had to start his remaining sentence of 6 months in January.

The third person is expected to be imprisoned this year.

We will also walk this path together and in solidarity!

Watch out for further announcements

For the social revolt!

Freedom for all!

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