… about words

… about words – Letter from prison


Many people know that something is going terribly wrong in our world, but they think they cannot do anything alone or as a small group. This thought is wrong, because history has taught us countless times exactly the opposite. The greatest changes/innovations of our time have not been the work of many large groups. No, mostly it was a few or even individuals who made this world positive. Because what counts is when we die, leaving the world in a better state than when we found it.

Words are man’s most powerful tool. Words begin wars, words bring peace. Words make us hate and also make us love. Every word in itself is so objective, so insensitive, so meaningless. However, just a few of these words in combination are enough to trigger strong feelings in so many people, which paradoxically cannot be expressed in words.

You manage to give people strength and make them happy who you don’t even know and who don’t know you the other way round. You manage to make people happy who don’t even have enough knowledge of German to fill out a shopping card or an application form, yet they understand exactly what you are saying. Happiness is free, but still such a rare commodity.


Thank you for the right words!


A prisoner, July 2019

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