23.07.2019 Update – The 2 comrades from Hamburg remain in jail for now

The 2 comrades from Hamburg remain in jail for now

23.07.2019 Update

Two weeks ago, 3 comrades were controlled and arrested at night. The cops accusing them of carrying fire accelerants and planning attacks in connection with the 2nd anniversary of the 2017 G-20 summit in Hamburg. Two days later, two comrades were ordered to be detained on remand custody. The third comrade was released under certain conditions.

Today (23.07.) the examination of the pre-trial detention was postponed due to the comprehensive file situation. For the one comrade on the coming Thursday the 25.07., for the second comrade the date is not yet certain.

We are angry because they have taken our comrades and friends away from us and locked them up. We don’t give a shit about the categories of guilt or innocence and hope that they don’t feel too alone behind the prison walls. Show solidarity with the two and to the authorities your anger!

Jail is an institution that is not designed to „do justice“. It is made for the underprivileged, the immigrants and refugees with no or false papers.
And besides, the prisons are built for the rebels who rebel against this world.

Freedom for our comrades!

Freedom for all prisoners!


Please send letters to them via:

„Die 3 von der Parkbank“

Libertäre Zentrum LIZ

Karolinenstraße 21, Hinterhaus

20357 Hamburg


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