03.01.2020 Update – More info on the charges of indictment.

03.01.2020 Update – More info on the charges of indictment.

At the beginning of November, the three received the indictments from the Hamburg Attorney General’s Office. These statements provide information about parts of the investigation and gathered evidence. The statement ends with the General Prosecutor’s request to keep two of the three in custody and as well includes the decision to spare the third person. The application for the proceedings to take place in the Regional Court was as well made public.

The three comrades are accused of preparing to commit crimes. The alleged crimes are described by the General Prosecutor’s Office as planned arson and as aggravated planned arson. The distinction between arson and aggravated arson has to do with if human life is endangered – the threat of life and limb. This differentiation has been fabricated from speculation around one of the alleged arson targets. Additionally, one of the comrades has been accused of violating the weapons law by carrying incendiary devices. The General Prosecutor’s Office accordingly accuses two of the comrades of aiding and abetting the violation of the weapons law.


The three comrades do not comment on the charges nor on the investigation, this means that the public prosecutor’s office is solely dependent on the results of the investigation to convict them. According to the indictment, the time of the arrest suggests that the accused were planning attacks for the anniversary of the G-20.

It is not for us to judge the plausibility of charges or even speculate about guilt and innocence. Nor are we trying to figure out what might have really happened. All of this will find its stage in court and the prosecution will use it to hoax an attack on militant politics. The particularity of this theatre starts with the acceptance of the threat of life and limb. It is speculated that that the front door of a Hamburg senats home address was a concrete tartget of attack. According to a site insection and the opinion of an expert, this house door was decided as a suitable tartget of attack. None of this however, can lead to the assumption that it would then be set on fire and that would result in the endangerment of human life. This accusation serves primarily to discredit militant and revolutionary practices. It is intended to produce the darkest possible picture of the accused comrades. Within the framework of stupid extremism theories, behaviour patterns that belong to inhuman ideologies are transferred, projected onto people to rebel, who fight for ideas of freedom. The point here is to demonise, to divide by deterrence and to lock up elements of emancipatory movements.

We will not be intimidated or even split by the constructs and lies of the public prosecutor’s office. Our actions are directed against opressive ideologies and living conditions and aim to change them radically, militantly, ready for conflict and always looking for ways to bring us closer to a life in freedom.

We support the accused and stand up for our revolutionary convictions and utopias.

Keep your eyes and ears open, come to the rallies and events. Collect money and write to the prisoners and take your solidarity to the streets!


Trial dates – until April.

So far, 25 days of trial have been scheduled. All of them will take place in the high-security Room 237 at the Hamburg District Court (Sievekingplatz 1). The high security hall means that there is a separate security control and the public area is separated from the participants of the trial by a glass pane. We will try to have a rally in front of the court on each day of the trial as a contact point.

If you would like to enter the courtroom, come one hour early, to allow time to get inside.

8th Jan 13:00

11th Jan 13:00

17th Jan 09:00

20th Jan 13:00

22nd Jan 13:00

23rd Jan 13:00

27th Jan 09:00

28th Jan 09:00

29th Jan 09:00

3rd Feb 13:00

4th Feb 09:00

6th Feb 09:00

10th Feb 13:00

12th Feb 09:00

17th Feb 09:00

18th Feb 09:00

20th Feb 09:00

27th Feb 09:00

28th Feb 09:00

2nd Mar 09:00

3rd Mar 09:00

5th Mar 09:00

31st Mar 09:00

2nd Apr 09:00

3rd Apr 09:00

7th Apr 09:00

8th Apr 09:00

9th Apr 09:00

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